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KM Signature Massage

Therapeutic techniques of body work that help to release chronic pain, using a variety of strokes and pressures customized to individual needs. Special blends of essential oils and hot compresses compliment this massage.



Your escape begins with an invigorating 30 minute massage, followed by a nutrient packed 50 minute facial and a brow waxing. Take a little longer for lunch today and revitalized yourself or someone you care about.


KM Customized Facial

This is the ultimate anti-aging facial, designed to restore the skin to a more healthy and youthful condition. Kris is the alchemist who blends together the newest and most powerful peptides and plant stem cells to firm, tone, brighten and hydrate mature skin. This facial includes all the bells and whistles, including the best. resurfacing treatment for your skin type.. Suggested Finishing Touches: Youthful Hands, Kiss Me Lips or Eye's Wide Open, for even more youth enhancing benefits.


Deep & Clean

This powerful and effective deep pore cleansing facial utilizes salicylic acid and green tea to clear and heal more oily complexions. A warm rosemary and basil mask provides natural anti-microbial properties to improve the health and appearance of skin. Extractions included. Suggested Finishing Touches: Vitamin A + Peptide


Metro Man Facial

Women are not the only ones who want to look younger and more vibrant. This is a deep cleansing facial designed for a man's skin. Facial includes steam, massage and a pore cleansing mask. Eyebrow trimming, scalp, neck and hand massage are all included. Suggested Finishing Touches: AHA/BHA for even more noticeable results.


Feed Your Face

A cascade of vitamins and antioxidants are cocktailed together, in a peptide delivery system that pentrates deep into the skins matrix, to help prevent free radical damage, re-build collagen and nourish dry dehydrated skin. This is a perfect facial for anyone wanting to recondition their skin. Suggested Finishing Touches: a hand and foot paraffin treatment to make an even more luxurious experience.


Afternoon Express

This facial includes deep pore cleansing with Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, a customized mask,a dose of antioxidant, hydration and sunblock. Eye makeup can remain on during this facial in order to get back to your day without missing a beat. Suggested Finishing Touches: Eyebrow Tidy, Youthful Hands.


Teen Clean Up

Most teens don't need to see the dermatologist, once they have visited KM. Kids have enough to worry about without having to worry about their skin. With a series of facials to deep clean the pores with an active cleanser, steam, extractions and masks your teenager will be sparkling clear and confident in no time. I will recommend a simple home program and teach him/her how to care for his/her skin, at home. This is a gift from you to your teen, that will last a lifetime.


Vitamin A + Peptide Boost

Get additional glow and face rejuvenation with any of our facials.





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